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Things You Need to Do Before the Arrival of Office Movers and Packers

If you are to move, you must hire a professional moving company. That’s an imperative if you are to perceive a spotless and quick office removal. However, that does not mean you don’t have any role to play. Before the professional movers and packers in Sydney that you have eyed, arrive you have your task cut out. What will be your roleplay before the pros arrive?  Here is a sneak peek into the issue. 

Get Rid of the Useless Items 

While segregating the stuff (a MUST before a move) you are bound to come up with items that ought not to go with you to your new location. There is no need to take broken or useless items and crowd your new home. Thus, the first and foremost thing to do is to segregate all the useless and then get rid of them. This makes your separation of items in accordance with their size and type, much easier. 

Separate in Accordance with the Size and Nature of Items 

Now that the useless stuff is gone and you are with the things that will be moved, it’s time to segregate the items. While doing so, you must segregate them in accordance with their size, dimension, the materials they are made up of, and the genre of goods they are. 

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Pick up a Packing Zone 

Pick up a zone where the professionals will do all the packing. Keep the stuff that will adequately move with you so that they can be packed up with ease and the pros can get on with all the packing with no hindrance. 

Get the Packing Boxes 

If your moving company does not bring in moving boxes, then you will have to arrange for them yourself.  However, this is one privilege when you hire A2Z Mover Pty Ltd. We bring in high-quality packing boxes that will enable us to pack every asset properly and follow the proper techniques. 

You Can Pre-pack the Smaller Items 

If you want to make the move even faster and the task of our pros much simpler you can opt for pre-packing the smaller items yourself.  Then, once the pros arrive they can perform some value additions to the packing using all their experience and expertise. 

Snap Photos in Numbers, of Each Item 

This is an extremely important step wherein you need to snap as many photos as you can of the items from various angles to record the state they are in before the move. These photos will come in handy in case of any mishap during the move. 

Talk to the Stakeholders about Their Roles During the Move 

Before your office removalists in Sydney arrive, you need to arrange for a huddle with your team where you have a decision about the role each member of the team needs to play during the move. 


So you see before the pros arrive you need to take these steps to ensure that the move is fast and as seamless as it can be. Cooperation between you and the pros will make the move a cakewalk. And above that, when you hire our highly A2Z Mover Pty Ltd, the move turns something you will enjoy – something that’s pretty rare. For further details, call us at 0470399574. We are available 24×7.



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