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The Steps that Local Removalists Follow to Move a Piano

Moving musical instruments is not anybody’s job. More so, when things come down to moving colossal instruments like piano, you need to put stakes on quality removalists who not only know the right techniques to have it removed, but who have the right tools to do so.

On this post, let us discuss the steps professional removalists would follow to have your piano removed.

Step#1: Measuring the Available Space

This is ostensibly the first step taken by the removalists before going ahead with removal of the piano. They will measure the dimension of the piano, and then measure the staircase, door and the other common spaces available to gauge the scope of manoeuvrability of the piano during the move.

Step#2: Selecting the Right Tools for the Move

It goes without saying that professional removalists have appropriate tools that help them to ensure they are able to move your assets in a fast and safe manner. However, when it is all about removing a piano, there are some specialised tools used by the experts.

For a upright piano, they will use specialised piano dollies. For a grand piano, the removalists will use a specific equipment known as piano skid board or piano board. This tool comes with some additional padding and strapping, which can be adjusted as per the size and dimension of the piano.

Step#3: They Will Make Sure the Path Is Clear

Now that the piano has been strapped and secured, professionals will ensure that the entire path, which leads up to the truck from your doorstep is clear, so that the piano can be carried without any hindrance. Here, you must remember that hiring professionals who offer local removals in Auburn besides interstate removal is important as they will know the local parking laws, in case your home is at the main thoroughfare where the parking laws are applied.

Step#4: Moving the Piano

Again, the moving steps taken by the removalists will depend on the type of piano they are dealing with. When dealing with an upright piano, they will make sure that the dolly they use is the right one in accordance with the size of the piano.

And, if they are dealing with a grand piano, they will remove the legs first before moving it. Then they will secure the piano with help of the tool mentioned above with straps, adequate padding before moving it.

Step#5: Load the Instrument in the Truck

Finally, they will load the piano on the truck, securely tie it so that it does not turn overboard during the transit. Once they reach the destination, they will set up the piano the way you want.

After all is done, it’s your call to re-tune it for use.

Therefore, professionals offering local removals in Kellyville would follow the steps to seamlessly relocate your piano – but only if you have hired a competent moving company. There is no better name than A2Z Mover Pty Ltd to hire, if you are in and around Sydney, as we are THE BEST in the business. Call us now to fix an appointment, or write to us to get an online, upfront, obligation free quote.

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