Personal Items That Interstate Removalists Recommend Against Packing

Transporting your belongings from Sydney to Canberra or Adelaide, for example, through a removal company is by far the best decision. But similar to that of hazardous items which all movers or packers might not allow, there are certain personal goods as well which they recommend against packing, and they prefer that you carry them yourself.

To get an idea of the same, follow the list that we have mentioned here.


Nearly all renowned professional interstate removalists in Sydney recommend that you avoid transporting medicines with other goods. Rather, a better decision is to carry them personally since they come in small packages. Most importantly, even if you have packed it with other items and have labelled it properly, finding out the same in your new location can be tiresome, especially if it’s an emergency.

Investment Documents Such As Securities

Though well-respected removal companies ensure no item loss or damages, it is extremely important to carry investment documents such as securities, stocks, bonds, etc. personally since they are highly valuable and a loss or damage of the same can impact your financial condition directly. Therefore, you need to be very careful with these documents, and when it comes to interstate transport, carrying them yourself is the right step.

Identification Documents

If you are moving to Canberra, for instance, you should keep the identification documents with you. These include birth certificates, social security cards, employee identification and other official documents that exhibit your identity.

The Sydney to Canberra movers suggest that you should carefully carry them with you since it is safer. In addition, you might need all or any of these documents at any time, but if they are on the move, you will not be able to produce them which can negatively affect situations.

Precious Items Such As Jewellery

Small but luxurious items such as jewellery can be kept safe if you carry them personally because more than theft during the interstate removal, you might run into the risk of losing the same, particularly if you pack it with other items. Similarly, finding it in the new location by unpacking each item after the other can prove to be an arduous job. For this reason, the movers suggest that you keep valuables with you.


As per the recommendations of Sydney to Adelaide interstate removalists, if you are indeed moving to the latter, or any other city, never pack currency.

You should keep the bills with you not only due to the value it carries but also their volatility. That means it will not be able to withstand a fire hazard. So, the best option is to carry it yourself.


Many people send collector’s items such as paintings, coins, stamps or other vintage goods through removalists. But when it comes to interstate moving, professionals recommend against packing the same since the local laws might require supporting documents or special permits for these goods. Therefore, you can avoid the hassle by carrying them personally.

Even if you are not transporting these items, you still need to choose efficient movers and packers in Sydney to keep the other goods safe and secure.

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