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How to Move During Christmas with the Gift Items?

Do you have a move scheduled just before Christmas or any day during the holidays? You will then have to do a few things to avoid complications, especially if you have gift items and want to celebrate the special day or the entire holiday in your new house. But if you have no idea what to do and are left in dire straits, this is the guide that can simplify the relocation procedure. So, follow this guide and then book the removal service in Sydney or the suburb where you are situated.

Get the Christmas Tree Delivered to Your New Location

If you are moving to the new location before Christmas, don’t buy a Christmas tree that is available in nearby stores. Rather, buy it online and get it delivered to your new place because packing the tree and moving it can be cumbersome. However, if you have a Christmas tree already, ask the house removalists in Sydney also serving in the other suburbs about the item so that they can pack it carefully before beginning the relocation.

Keep the Gifts Items Together

Considering the fact that you will be celebrating Christmas in your new house, you will need to organise the gift items that you have bought already.

Packing the gifts that you have bought for your kids or your loved ones will not be a difficult task, but keeping them safe can be. So, it’s best if you keep all of them together, especially if they are small. That way, moving them will become convenient for the removalists as well.

Small Gift Items Can Fit Inside Your Storage Spaces

Another neat trick that you can implement while moving the gift items is to store some of them inside the storage furniture that will be moved along with these items. For instance, if you have a cupboard or shelf already, why not keep some of the wrapped Christmas presents inside them. This can also help you protect the items from damages caused due to removals. However, for extra safety, inform the movers carrying out the house removals in Kellyville besides other Sydney suburbs about the present so that they move the furniture cautiously.

Ask the Removalists to Carry the Gift Items First

Whether you have Christmas gift items all organised in one place or you have stacked them inside furniture, ask the removalists to carry the items or the furniture first. That way, you can rest assured that the items, as well as the furniture, will be free from any damages. But if they are moved later, positioning them properly on the transport truck can become difficult for the removalists and the chances of damages to the presents can increase substantially.

Consider Adding Extra Padding for Small and Fragile Gifts

If you are feeling anxious about the fragile gift items that you have, let the movers carrying out local removals in Auburn and other Sydney suburbs pack them for you. But if you are doing the packing, consider adding extra padding to keep them well-protected during the move.

Keep the Special Items with You

Though all gifts are special, some can be very close to your heart. For instance, jewellery, a decorative item or a small piece of art. These items can be moved by the removalists but it is always the best idea if you keep them with you. This guarantees ultimate safety and peace of mind.

Moving during Christmas can be problematic if you have gift items. But by following these steps, you can simplify it effectively.

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