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A Time-Saving Rug Packing Guide for a Convenient House Removal

Packing rugs before house removals can be difficult if you do not know the right steps. Moreover, if you do not pack the rug, it can get damaged during transport. So, movers who serve in various Sydney suburbs such as Granville, Kellyville, Auburn, Liverpool, Richmond, etc. recommend that you follow this guide to properly pack the rug. This will save your time and make the moving process convenient for the removalists as well.

Prepare the Rug Before the Removal

Before you book the company offering house removals in Granville or any of the mentioned Sydney suburbs, you will need to prepare your rug. This step involves getting the rug deep cleaned to protect it and the other items that will be moved from insects. In addition, cleaning the rugs will help you to eliminate the accumulated allergens that can get into the air and cause diseases once you unpack them in the new location.

Gather a String or a Rope and Packing Papers

After completing the cleaning process, you will need to arrange the packing materials. As per the local removalists in Kellyville also serving in other Sydney suburbs, you will need to get a string or a rope to tie the rug. The paper will work as a cover to protect it from dust or other particles during transport. You will also require tape to secure the paper properly.

Ask for Help if the Rug is Too Heavy

Professionals carrying out house removals in Auburn besides the other mentioned Sydney suburbs suggest that if the rug is too heavy, don’t waste your energy packing it single-handedly. Rather, ask for help since you can complete the task conveniently if you have an extra hand.

Packing the rug before the removal is not rocket science, anyone can do it. So, if you have friends or a loved one, packing together can be an engaging session that can help both of you burn some calories!

Flip the Rug

Before you and your partner can roll and tie the rug, flip it over so that the back faces up. This is a step that is suggested by the house movers in Liverpool also serving in the mentioned Sydney suburbs. Performing this step will help you to protect the soft fibres on the front from friction caused during the transport.

Roll the Rug Before Tying

Now that the backside is facing up, you should roll the rug from the short side as suggested by the professionals carrying out house removals in Richmond. This will help save space. It will also make tying the rug easier. And finally, after tying the same, all you need to do is wrap it with packing papers.

Use Another Packing Item   

Finally, you can use another packing item to wrap the rug such as a blanket. Though this is an optional step, it will give you peace of mind that your rug will be fully safe from damages caused during the transport.

So, if you follow these steps, you can save time and keep your rug safe during the removal and transport.

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