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A Few Things You Shouldn’t Pack During House Removal

If you are moving to a new location in New South Wales, you should not pack a few items, especially if it’s a house removal. We will explain the items that you should not pack. Besides, we will also provide you with the reasons why you should not include them in your house removal list. So, without any more delay, let us take a look at the things.

Inflammable Items

Though some providers of house removals in Oran Park and other NSW regions permit moving inflammable items, most do not permit the same because of the local rules. Moreover, moving inflammable items is always dangerous. So, you need to be careful whenever you are moving fertilisers, certain chemicals, etc.


Moving plants is always a hassle since it is difficult to pack the same. Besides, due to collision and the pressure of the other items around, they can get damaged. So, it is always best that you carry them with you.

Some removalists recommend that you store the plants inside a few other storage items. But this might not be a good idea since the plant might die due to the absence of air.


By pets, we mean small containers where you keep your fish. You should never pack them if you want to keep them safe. But most importantly, you will not be able to pack them and even trying the same can be disastrous. Thus, the only way is to move them personally in your car or any other transport vehicle as recommended by the professionals performing house removals in Marsden Park and other regions in NSW.

Jewellery and Other Costly Items

If you want to keep your costly items such as jewellery safe, you should never pack them. Since these are small items, they can easily get lost and can be hard to find. So, you should carry these items personally as well. In fact, apart from jewellery and other small items, if you want, you can move bigger items such as paintings and other decorative pieces personally as well.


Moving some chemicals is allowed, but those that are inflammable are not recommended by removalists in Penrith and other NSW regions. So, there is no question of packing any of these chemicals. Nevertheless, if you want to learn more about the chemicals that aren’t allowed, you should ask the removalists before hiring them.

Construction Materials

If you have certain materials that are used for constructing homes, such as long steel bars, wood, etc. you should not pack them if you are moving elsewhere. In fact, packing them is also nearly impossible and is just a waste of time. Rather, you should sell or dispose of them safely before you move.

Old and Unused Items

To save your money during the house moving process, you should not pack old and unused items. Rather, disposing of them is a good idea according to the local movers in Blacktown and other NSW regions.

Finally, now that you know what “not to pack” during house moving, you can easily make the right decisions regarding your belongings.

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